May 6, 2013

Ralph & Diana Cernera – Members since 2009

Ralph and Diana live in Discovery bay and have been members of the Corvette club since 2009. Ralph has always been a “car nut” and in general, a GM guy. My first real “muscle car” was a 1978 Camaro Z-28, but from a very early age, I always wanted a Corvette. Over the years the cars varied from Trans Ams to Jeeps, to 427 Cobra’s, Chevelles, Mustangs, etc…but the Corvette dream was always there.

Diana really was never much of a car person, but she allowed me to indulge in my fantasies and spend stupid money on inanimate objects which thrilled, as only us car folks understand. Diana is the master of our social calendar, so in 2009, when we traded a 1970 Chevelle for our first Corvette, a black 1969 Stingray, it made perfect sense to join the Corvette club. Ralph gets to play with cars and Diana gets to socialize.

A couple of years with the ’69 made us realize that we needed something a little more long-distance-friendly, and that led to our second and current Corvette, a black 2005 C6 Coupe. We love the car and we love going on runs with our club.

In January 2012, Ralph was appointed as the webmaster for the club, where he still serves today, and works to slowly improve the distribution of information to all our club members and guests to the site.